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With their spiny legs and scary appearances, spiders often top people’s list for most dreaded pests. These creepy crawlies have earned a reputation as creatures that you should avoid, with some species of spiders being poisonous and potentially life-threatening. Although most spiders are not aggressive by nature, they can bite humans if they feel threatened.

If you spot large spider nests on your property or have a dangerous spider lurking around, Bennetts Spider Pest Control can take care of it for you. In our 20+ years in pest control and pest management, we’ve helped remove spiders from properties and helped homeowners and property managers keep their properties spider-free.

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Why Choose Bennetts Spider Pest Control

When it comes to spider control and spider treatment, Bennetts has long been one of the most trusted names in Brisbane. Here’s why:

1.  Experience – Bennetts offers over 25 years of experience in pest control and pest management, making us one of the leading Brisbane pest control experts today. In our over two decades of work in Brisbane and South East Queensland, we’ve removed countless spiders from private and commercial properties and helped protect them from future infestations.

2.  Treatment Solutions – We offer a complete range of spider treatment solutions that will protect your property no matter what type of spider you’re dealing with. We understand that different spiders require different treatments, and we’re prepared to implement the right solution to keep them away for good.

3.  Customised Spider Treatment – Your home is different from everyone else’s, and we’ll make sure that your treatment is tailored to your needs and preferences. Our team specialises in creating customised spider treatment plans that will work best for your needs and budget.

Common Spiders in Australia

Australia is notorious for having some of the most venomous and scariest-looking spiders in the world. But the good news is that many – if not most – of the spiders in Australia are considered harmless, apart from the threat of spider bites if they feel threatened. Some of the most common spiders to watch out for include:

•  Black House Spider – Often found outside in tree trunks, walls, and building crevices, these spiders are considered harmless and not known to be aggressive to humans.

•  Brown House Spider – Brown house spiders are commonly found outdoors, but they can sometimes be spotted indoors in some houses and buildings. They are typically not aggressive to humans and often only bite when threatened or defending itself.

•  Daddy Long Legs – Known for their extremely long, thin legs and small body, these spiders are commonly found indoors under furniture, at the side of doors, or ceiling corners. Despite the old rumour that Daddy Long Legs are dangerous, this spider is considered harmless.

•  Huntsman spider – Despite their larger size and scary appearance, Huntsman spiders are rarely known to bite. They prefer to run away if threatened, and their venom is not normally considered dangerous to humans.

•  White-Tailed Spider – This spider is native to Australia and often found in gardens or occasionally inside houses. Although their venom is not considered poisonous, their bite can be very painful. This is one of the species of spiders that most people should avoid and remove if present.

•  Funnel Web Spider – This is a species that’s considered to be dangerous and deadly, so you should always avoid this spider and get professional spider control if you see it. Its bite is known to be very painful, and its venom can be highly toxic and strong enough to require anti-venom for treatment.

•  Redback Spider – This highly venomous species can be found throughout Australia and is closely related to the infamous Black Widow Spider in the United States. The Redback Spider is dangerous, with a painful bite and venom that could cause pain, nausea, and headaches.

If you spot a spider in your home that you’re not sure about, contact our spider control Brisbane team and have us inspect it for you.

What to Do If You Have Spiders in Your Home

1.  Don’t panic. Remember that most spiders in Australia are not venomous, so it’s important not to panic when you see spiders on your property. With that said, you should still be cautious when you see spiders or spider nests. Avoid any contact with them to minimise your risk of being bitten.

2.  Identify the spider. If possible – and when safe to do – try to determine what kind of spider that you have on your property. This will help you decide whether or not it’s dangerous or not.

3.  Remove if necessary. If it’s safe to do so (and if the spider is not venomous), capture the spider in a jar or container and set it free outside your home.

4.  Consult professionals if needed. If the spider in your home is known to be venomous or dangerous, or if it’s simply too difficult to remove it, then let spider pest control specialists do it for you.

Professional Spider Control and Spider Treatment

If you want a foolproof way to deal with spiders and make sure they don’t invade your home, let our spider control Brisbane specialists take care of it for you. We offer spider pest control Brisbane wide, giving you a reliable spider treatment plan that can remove any spider and keep it away. Call 1300 661 008 today to get a quote.