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Bennetts’ professional termite inspection will ensure that your property is completely termite-free. Whether you want to remove existing termites from your property or prevent them from nesting there in the future, our termite inspection will give you a head start.

Our termite inspections start at $200, keeping your termite inspection cost low and making annual or regular checks more affordable than ever. We’ll quickly detect any termite colonies in your home and identify issues that could cause bigger problems down the track. After conducting a thorough inspection of your property, we’ll present our findings and recommend your best solutions for treating or preventing termites.

Why You Need a Professional Termite Inspection

  1. Health and safety. Termites can eat away at wooden or timber parts of your building, which can weaken the overall structure. If it gets bad enough, then parts of your building may even be unsafe to use. A professional termite inspection can assess how much damage termites have caused to your property and what to do to treat or remove them from your building.
  2. Save money.Termites are notorious for causing major property damage, and they’re responsible for millions of dollars of damage to homes and buildings around Australia each year. By getting a professional termite inspection, you can catch termites in your property (or prevent them) before they cause even more damage.
  3. Spotting them is hard. Termites are often difficult to spot because they avoid open and lighted areas. They usually set up colonies underground and out of plain sight, which can make it difficult to find them if you don’t know what to watch out for. Professionals will know how to find termite colonies and identify warning signs that most people aren’t aware of.

Signs of Termite Infestation

Although spotting termite colonies in your property can be difficult, there are common signs of termites that you can watch out for:

  • Termite noise – Soldier termites are known to bang their heads on the wood as an alarm to other termites whenever they’re disturbed. If you hear rustling or rattling sounds on your walls (especially from walls made of wood), then it could be a sign of termites.
  • Hollow sounding wood – If window frames, door frames, or other wooden parts of your home sound hollow and barren, then it’s possible termites have eaten into it. Try tapping or knocking lightly on the wood and listen to the way it sounds. Wooden or timber parts that have been eaten away by termites will sound hollow and become soft and weak.
  • Frass (termite droppings) – Termite droppings are a common sign of termites, and you’ll often find them near termite tunnels or around areas that they’re invading. Frass often looks like sawdust, so many people confuse the two. Frass, however, can appear in different colours and is often pellet-shaped. Termite droppings are one of the best visual signs of termites.
  • Flying termites – Flying termites are male or female termites that fly out of their colonies to start new colonies in another location. If you see flying termites nearby, then it’s a strong sign that there’s an established colony nearby. Termite wings (which termites drop behind after finding a mate) are also a tell-tale sign of termites.
  • Wood tunnels – Although they’re usually hard to spot, termite tunnels in wood or timber areas are also a sign of termites on your property. If you see small tunnels in wood or timber structures in your building, then termites are likely burrowing their way through them.
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Why You Can Trust Bennetts

No matter what type of building or property you have, you can count on Bennetts to protect it from termites. Here’s why our customers in Brisbane and South East Queensland continue to trust us for termite inspections and pest control:

  • Experienced – We have over 25 years of experience in termite control, and we’ve helped private and commercial clients keep their homes termite-free for over two decades. We use this experience to quickly identify issues in your home and provide the most appropriate solutions for your needs and budget. We’ve also seen almost every type of termite infestation there is, and we know what to do if there’s one in your home too.
  • True Experts – We combine over two decades of pest control experience with continuous training and research to provide a high level of expertise to every client. Our specialists know what warning signs to look for on your property, what type of termites may be present, and the best ways to remove them and make sure they don’t come back.
  • Affordable – Our termite inspections are among the most affordable on the market today, with standard termite inspections starting at $200. We believe that professional termite inspections don’t need to be expensive if you do it correctly and know what to look for. With our services, you can reduce your termite inspection cost and use the extra money for termite control and treatment.
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Fast and Affordable Termite Inspection

When it comes to termites in your home, it’s best that you don’t take any chances. Our professional termite inspection will let you know exactly what you’re dealing with and how to protect your property from any termite attacks.

We’ll identify any termite colonies that may be on your property and help you protect your home from further termite damage. With our inspections starting at $200, we also make sure that your overall termite inspection cost stays low and affordable.

Get a quote for your property today by calling 1300 661 008. If you need more information about our termite inspection and termite control services, feel free to send us a message.