Bennetts Services Terms and Conditions

Carpet Cleaning

Limit of liability:

The Company shall not be liable for shrinkage, changes in texture, running of dyes, appearance of stains, spots, fading, discoloration, old animal stains, ripping/tearing of fabric, hidden defects, nap distortion, watermarking, installation defects or any other defects which may occur or result from the cleaning process, spot or stain removal, application of stain protection, application of flame protection, polishing, restoration, repairing or any other service.

Technicians working in the client’s home may be asked to move furniture, lamps, pictures, electronics, and media equipment, etc. in order to perform the cleaning or protection. The Company is not liable for any damages sustained to household items described above when it comes to moving and/or handling said items before, during, or after the cleaning, protection, polishing, restoration, repair, or other process in the Customer’s home.

Prior to Arrival:

Bennetts Services are not responsible for moving any furniture and it is the customers responsibility to move furniture should they want underneath cleaned. It is also required that the carpets are vacuumed prior to the arrival of the technician.

In the event the customer is not satisfied with the work carried out by Bennetts Services we are happy to return and remedy the issue at no extra cost as long as the complaint is relevant to the work that was carried out.