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Bennetts is one of the largest and most trusted pest control specialists in Brisbane, providing professional pest management for all types of homes and properties. We have pest control services for every type of household pest, so you’ll always get the best solutions no matter what type of pest you’re dealing with. Call us on 1300 661 008 to get a free quote!

With Bennetts Home Pest Control, you’ll get:

Pest Control Brisbane

Exceptional Customer Service

We’re committed to providing the best customer service that you’ll find from any pest control company.

By making sure that you are at the forefront of everything we do, we can provide the right solutions for you and your property. The result? More effective removal and better prevention of pests.

Years of Experience

We are a family-run business, with over 50 years of experience in termite inspections and pest inspections. This experience has honed our expertise in pest control and pest management, giving us the practical knowledge of how to treat different pests in a variety of situations.

We also have licensed pest control technicians, including timber pest experts (for termite control), who are among the very best in the industry today.

Treatment for Every Pest

Every pest is different, and there are a variety of proven techniques for removing and treating different kinds of pest.

At Bennetts, we have treatments and pest control services for every common household pest. Whether you want to remove it from your property or treat your home to prevent it from settling in the first place, we’ll have the right solutions for you.

Tailor-made Treatments

At Bennetts, we’ll always implement a customised treatment plan for your property. Every home has its own requirements, and we’ll see to it that you get the most appropriate treatments for your property.

We also understand that every situation is different, no matter how similar it may be to other cases. By creating a tailor-made plan for your property, you’ll get more effective pest management solution that will get rid of pests for good.

Brisbane-wide Service

Our clients vary between domestic and commercial projects, ranging from as far north as Burpengary in the Brisbane northern suburbs to Kingscliff in the south and Ipswich in the west. We understand that the Queensland bush is one of the greatest assets of our state, but we also know that it can pose pest problems to your home and health.

Whether you’re living in the city or the outer Brisbane regions, you can trust Bennetts to get the job done for you.

Be confident that your home and family is protected and enquire about our service today. Call Bennetts Home Pest Control on 1300 661 008 or send us a message for any questions or enquiries.

Pest Management & Pest Control Brisbane - Choose Bennetts

No matter what type of pest you’re dealing with, we’ll have the pest control services to take care of it for you:

  • Termite Control and Treatment – We implement different treatments and termite control plans, depending on your property and situation. Our treatments include the use of baits, repellents and non-repellents, wood treatments, and fumigation.
  • Cockroach Control – Treatment plans include a variety dusting and spraying techniques, depending on what your property requires.
  • Bed Bugs Control – Treatment for these parasitic bugs in your home, especially in bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Silverfish Control – Includes treatment plans for removing their eggs and treating them before they multiply even more.
  • Pantry Moths Control – For removing stubborn pantry moths and their larvae, which could contaminate your food and pantry supplies.
  • White Ants Treatment – Pest control for termites, which are also sometimes referred to as white ants.
  • Carpet Beetles Treatment – Treatment plans for removing and preventing these notoriously stubborn pests.

No matter the pest control service you need from us, we’ll always ensure that your pest problem is solved.

Complete Pest Control - Our Process

At Bennetts, we apply a methodical approach that’s grounded in common sense and years of experience in pest management.

Investigate and Survey

We start by investigating all pest sightings in and around your property to assess the level of infestation and get a better idea of what you’re dealing with.

Full Inspection

We follow this up with a full property inspection that checks your building surroundings, including all exterior and internal environments. With our experience and expertise, we can pinpoint all current and potential areas of concern in your property.

Formulate Treatment Plan

Depending on what we find in our survey and inspection, we then formulate the best action plan for removing your pests. We’ll identify the best and most appropriate treatments for your property, including prevention plans for keeping your home protected in the future.

Treatment Implementation

Upon your approval, we’ll implement our treatment plan to get rid of any pests on your property. We use a wide range of high-end, safe and thoroughly tested products to ensure effective removal of pests and safe treatments for you and your family (including your pets).

We ensure that our pest management solutions always remove the targeted pests and prevent them from coming back.

Home Pest Control Brisbane

Pests can appear wherever you are and often whenever you don't want them. Whether you’re in your home or your office, the risk of pests is always there – but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it.

By creating tailored solutions for your property, our licensed pest control experts can give you the security you need. Whatever type of pest you’re dealing with in your home, you can count on us to get your life back to normal with the least disruption possible.

Get a free estimate today by calling 1300 661 008 or contacting our pest control Brisbane team.