Termite Control and Termite Treatment

Termites are among the most common and destructive pests today, causing hundreds of millions of dollars of property damage around Australia each year.

If you have termites on your property, then it’s best to have professionals take care of it as soon as possible. Termites can easily cost you thousands of dollars in property damage and repair if they’re left on their own, so quick action is critical. And if that weren’t enough, termites could also cause structural damage to your property that could put you and your family in danger.

Bennetts Pest Control offers full termite control and termite treatment to help you get rid of termites for good. We can also perform inspections and regular checks to ensure that termites stay well away from your property and don’t invade your home if they’re nearby.

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Why Choose Bennetts?

If you want termite control and termite treatment that will get you the results you want, Bennetts is the service for you. Here’s why:


  • Experience: Bennetts has over 50 years of experience in pest control, providing decades of expertise in eliminating termites and pests.Our experience has given us the tools and practical knowledge to get rid of termites in the most effective ways possible no matter the situation.


  • Treatment Options: We use a variety of treatments and termite control solutions to eliminate termites from all types of properties.By specialising in different tools and techniques, we’re able to use the most appropriate solutions based on your needs. Our team can handle any termite invasion that you’re facing with our range of termite treatments.


  • Tailored Program: We understand that every home is different, so we’ll always create a customised termite treatment plan for your property.Our termite control programs are based on what you’re dealing with, including the types of termites present and the level of infestation in your property.


Termite Control Techniques

We use different termite control tools and techniques that help us get rid of termites quickly and easily:


These are sometimes used during the termite inspection stage. It involves placing a liquid treatment in suspected infested areas to attract termites.

If termites are attracted to this scent, we then replace it with bait that the termites will take into the colony and spread to the rest of the nest.


Repellents and Non-Repellents

These are the most common termite control solutions used today. It involves spraying your home with chemical repellents that act as a shield and keep termites away.

Non-repellents are undetectable by termites, and they’re used when your property is already infected by termite nests. Any termites that encounter non-repellents will be affected, and it will eventually spread it with rest of the colony.


Wood Treatment

This odourless termite treatment is very effective when applied or injected directly into the infected wood.

This is often used in dry wood situations or in wooden parts of the property that termites have invaded.



This is often the last resort for many cases, and it is only used when your home is infested with multiple termite colonies.

Fumigation involves enveloping the entire home in a tent and pumping in gas that will be absorbed by the termite nests.


What to Do if You Have a Termite Problem

If you’ve spotted termites on your property or think that termites are in your home, here’s what you should do:


  1. Do not panic. If you are only seeing signs now, it means that the damage isn’t life threatening.


  1. Do not disturb any walls, floors or ceilings where you believe the termites to be.


  1. Call us immediately and book an inspection. We’ll inspect your entire home for any further damage as well as for other general pests.


  1. After our inspection, we’ll recommend your best solutions for exterminating the termites. We’ll also advise you whether structural repairs are required to ensure your home is safe.



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Termite Warning Signs

It’s important to treat any termites as soon as possible to prevent structural damage to your property. However, termite infestations can be difficult to identify, especially if you don’t have the tools or experience to do it properly.

But there are signs that you can watch out for to help you detect termite infestations sooner:

Damaged wood

If you see odd or unnatural damage in wooden parts of your home, then it could be a sign of termites. The patterns of damage depend on the type of termites present, so it’s best to consult with a professional if you’re unsure whether the damage is caused by termites or not.


Mud leads

These are mud tunnels or passageways that termites use to get around structures that are not made of wood. Mud leads are a good indicator that there are active termites on your property.


Termite nests

If you see termite nests on trees (also called ‘Arboreal nests’) near or around your property, then it could be a sign that destructive termites are nearby. Keep in mind that not every termite that builds these nests is destructive, but it’s always best to consult with a professional just in case.



Swarmers are adult termites that go out to form new colonies. If you see these winged termites around, then it could mean that there’s an active termite colony nearby. Swarmers are often found around window sills and areas with indoor light. They also shed wings once they choose to settle down, so discarded wings around window sills could be a sign that there’s a termite colony growing.



These are termite droppings that termites (especially drywood termites) leave behind. It often looks like fine wood powder or dust, and it’s normally found just outside termite holes.


If you suspect a termite infestation in your home, we always recommend getting a professional pest inspection to have it checked out. This can reveal any present termite infestation, especially those that aren’t obvious or visible from outside.

We also recommend getting pest inspections regularly to ensure your home stays termite-free and resistant to any invasions.


Queensland Regulations for Termites

There are a couple of regulations as outlined by Queensland law that you should take into account when dealing with termites.

The first is that annual termite inspections should be made for effective prevention. Chemicals eventually wear off, and colonies are prone to moving from place to place to build a permanent nest. This means regular maintenance is required to ensure lasting protection.

The second is that banks in Queensland will not agree to a loan or mortgage for a property if a proper inspection has not been made. This is to protect themselves from damages that could be hidden inside a prospective building.


Professional Termite Control and Termite Treatment

Protect your home and family from termites with Bennetts termite control and termite treatment programs.

Whether you have a wild termite infestation or you simply want to keep your home completely termite-free, our termite control will give you the solutions you need. We offer professional inspections and full pest management to take care of any termite problems you may be facing.

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