Rats Drinking Your Pool Water? Here’s How to Stop Them!

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How do you feel when someone mentions rats? Dirty? Jittery? Completely grossed out? What if someone told you that rats were drinking their pool water? What if YOU have a pool and then noticed rats drinking out of yours too!? Wild rats are pretty disgusting in general, so a rat drinking out of your pool is a mental picture none of us wants to see.

The earlier you eliminate rats from your yard, the better. Summer is fast approaching and the last thing you want in your mind is the fact that you are swimming in water that has been shared with rats. It certainly isn’t going to make you feel nice and relaxed as you enter your pool.

What do you need to know about rats?

• Rats can carry up to 60 transmittable diseases, including meningitis.

• Rats can bite you while you sleep! When they do, they transfer diseases through their saliva. Some of those diseases can be fatal if left untreated.

• Rats are really strong and can survive up to 2 days in open water.

• Female rats can have 60 babies per year, with 6 litters of up to 10 babies each.

• Rats gnaw on objects to file down their ever-growing incisor teeth.

• Rats are great climbers. They can be found nesting in walls, roofs and trees.

• Rats need water to survive. They can’t live on food alone, even if the food has a lot of water in it.

So, we know rats aren’t a clean vermin and that they spread disease. But do you really need to worry if all they’re doing is drinking your pool water? The answer is YES!

Why is rats drinking your pool water a bad thing?

• Salmonella, e.coli and many other pathogens can live happily in your pool and can be transmitted by rats drinking your pool water.

• Rats can fall in and eventually die in your pool, releasing more parasites into your water. Some parasites can survive chlorination. It can be very difficult to get your water clean again once the damage has been done.

• Rats may get into your pool heater of filter system and gnaw on the wiring.

Now that you have confirmation that rats drinking your pool water is a terrible thing, you will be eager to get rid of them. This can be simple or difficult, depending on your property. The good news is that it is achievable.

How can you stop rats drinking your pool water?

Setting bait seems like the obvious idea, but bait only makes rats thirsty, so you are basically leading them straight to your pool. The best way to avoid rats drinking your pool water is to make sure that your yard is not the sort of area that attracts rats in the first place. You could try the following:

• Rats are attracted to the smell of pet faecal matter, pet food and mouldy areas. Remove pet waste as much as possible and check for leaking taps or accumulated rain puddles.

• Don’t let them have hiding places! Piles of firewood, rubbish bins, or full trailers are excellent sheltering spots for rats. If they have nowhere they can shelter in your yard, they are less likely to hang around or return.

• Clean your BBQ. Rats have an excellent sense of smell and even if they can’t get into your hot plates, the smell of any leftover grease or fat will lead them to your backyard. Avoid this by cleaning your BBQ thoroughly after each use and covering it up.

• Cover your pool when it’s not in use. If the rats don’t know the water is there and that they can access it easily, they won’t keep coming back for more.

• Avoid using poisonous baits. Traps are fine, but most poisonous baits work by dehydrating a pest’s body. Before they die they will seek out water, and they will find that water source in your pool.

• Hire professional pest control . They will be able to give you a more tailored solution to manage rats that suits your budget and property.

Once the rats are gone and you have a beautiful, untainted swimming pool to swim in, you will certainly want to make sure those rats don’t come back.

I have my beautiful, clean pool back! How do I make sure the rats stay out?

This is an all-year-round job, even if you’re not using the pool. Maintenance in your home and yard is the key to prevent rats from returning! Ensure you get regular pest inspections and control measures in place – mark it in your calendar! Also take a walk around your yard and home specifically to look for any signs of rats. Droppings, chewed wires or noises in your walls are a good giveaway.

What happens if it’s just not working?

You’ve done all you can. Your yard is cleaner, but you are still spotting them quenching their thirst from your pool! If this is the case, quality pest controllers are the sure fire way to eradicate rats in your pool. They are experienced in inspecting your property, inside and out, to determine where the rats are living or breeding. They can then provide you with a complete eradication and management solution that will keep your pool fresh and clean in the future.

If you don’t want rats drinking from your pool, call Bennetts Pest Control. The Bennetts team have over 50 years’ experience in pest inspections and control and service areas throughout Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Call them for an obligation free quote today!

Rats drinking from your pool? Contact us today for the right pest control solution.

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