How to prevent pests entering your home

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Pests are annoyance to every home and invade your property year round. Whether they are ants, cockroaches, flies and rodents, once they settle in their new home they can be tricky to move. Bennetts Pest Control share some inexpensive methods to prevent pests invading your home and causing havoc in this post.

If however, you find basic pest control sprays from your supermarket aren’t working to plan your best bet is calling a pest control specialist.

Don’t leave food out

Store your food in airtight containers or jars with sealed tight lids to stop ants from coming in your kitchen.  After any food preparation make sure to clean up left over crumbs or spills to prevent tempting cockroaches invading your home.

Try to remove pet food and water at night – rodents are drawn to your pet’s food and water.  Also, make sure the water in your pet’s bowl is changed daily to prevent insects like mosquitoes breeding as they are attracted to stagnant water.

Clean your home regularly

Vacuuming your carpets and dusting regularly is necessary to remove dust mites and ventilate your home to stop mites from growing. Pests tend to like hiding and breeding in dark spaces and clutter is the preferred place for this, so keep your home clutter free. Take out the rubbish on a daily basis and make sure the outdoor bin lids are closed.

Fix leaky plumbing

Fix any leaky taps, pipes and repair leaky roofs – stagnant water can attract many different types of unwanted pests – termites being the most destructive of them!

Block entry points

Do an inspection of the outside of your house and ensure there aren’t any cracks or holes that could act as potential entry points for pests to squirm in.

Use pest control products

You can use simple pest control products such as sprays and sticky paper to control the pest problem from getting out of scale.

If else fails and your tried these suggestions and still frustratingly experience pests, call our pest control professionals with the proven solution for eradicating pests here in Brisbane. Phone  us on 1300 661 008.




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