Household pests you’ll just have to live with…

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We hear a lot about the pests we can eradicate from our homes, but less about the insects and crawly creatures that are a fact of life here in Queensland. Especially now it’s coming into summer and its prime pest season, we’re seeing a lot more things that fly, crawl and scuttle in our home. But the good news is that most of these pests are nowhere near as offensive as cockroaches, vermin or the destructiveness of termites – and their impact can still be managed in our homes. As the pest control specialists here in Brisbane, we explain the household pests that you’ll be likely to encounter this summer in Queensland.

Asian House Gecko

This cute, but hungry gecko can be a permanent fixture in your pantry in Queensland – especially during the summertime months. While they cause for concern for some people, the Asian house gecko actually is actually pretty harmless and as far as pests go, pretty non-offensive.  Some even say they are useful as they feed on smaller insects and moths. If you’re not a fan, their predators can include cats and dogs, which can lessen their presence. However as a species their numbers are increasing and as a species that are naturally attracted to urban areas and human infrastructure, they fall into the category of pests you’ll probably have to learn to live with.


During the wetter summer months and into early autumn, mosquitoes can be an annoyance, and if you live in the tropics also carry disease including Ross River and Dengue fever. However they don’t have to completely spoil your outdoor summertime fun. Citronella oils and applying DEET, the active ingredient in most bug sprays will help keep the bugs at bay. Another way to avoid a mosquito problem getting out of hand in your home is to make sure that excess water is not laying around in drums or containers, which can provide the perfect breeding ground for mozzies.


We’ve all been irritated by household flies. Flyscreens, fly spray and fly swats can control their presence in the home during summertime in Queensland, but on a hot day, expect some to slip through the cracks. The main concern with flies is their maggot offspring which can be a cause for household horror. To avoid this don’t leave food lying around and empty bins especially those with leftover meat daily.

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