Real Life Pest Control Horror Stories

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From cockroaches scuttling from under dining tables, to a cinema infested with rats and mice and hotels ridden with bedbugs, there’s no doubt that pest problems are bad for business! So can your business afford a pest problem?

The answer is only if you can financially afford the irreparable damage to the reputation of your business, and afford being temporarily shut down.

Here in Brisbane, all food and beverage service businesses must comply with strict regulations when it comes to the cleanliness of their establishment including pest control measures. We share some horror stories in our latest blog about businesses who have risked their livelihoods by not taking adequate commercial pest control measures.

Pest Control Horror Stories of 2013

– A UK Woman woke to find herself covered in bed bugs in a well-known international hotel chain. The bites later became infected.

–  Cinema goers in Perth were treated to a special screening of mice crawling over them and jumping up on seats, and attempting to eat customer’s food.

–  In two separate cockroaches on transport incidents, passengers had roaches crawling over them on a bus service in North-east USA and cockroaches which began spewing out of air conditioning vents on a domestic airline. Snakes on a plane it wasn’t, but for some it was undoubtedly just as terrifying.

It’s the kind of stuff you’d expect to see in a horror film, not when you pay good money for using a service provided that you should be able to rely on. It goes without saying that the media attention and the loss of business while the problem was remedied caused huge loss of income for these operators and it’s the kind of issue which could easily put a smaller business out of operation for good.


Accommodation Businesses: Clean, pest free and good hygiene standards are a basic expectation for customers using accommodation businesses. Rodents, bed bugs and cockroaches can be the major concerns for accommodation operators and unless you want guests checking out for good, it’s important to have a regular pest control calendar for businesses in this sector.

Food Service BusinessesAs well as being a complete turn off to customers, pests in these businesses can be a major health hazard. Vermin and cockroaches can cause disease, and contact with contaminated food can lead to customers getting sick and be the instigator for costly (and damaging) legal action.

Here at Bennetts Pest Control we work with businesses around Brisbane and their unique commercial pest control requirements.

To find out more about how we can protect your business from costly damages from pests, call us today on 1300 661 008

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