Electronic Devices Fail in Deterring Pests, Studies Show

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It’s a nice thought that household pests can be driven away by simply plugging a device into the wall. According to their manufacturer’s claims, plugging these electronic devices into an outlet will emit ultrasonic waves that deter household pests while causing existing pests to ‘pack up’ and move along – all while being chemical and mess free.

Like we said, it’s a nice thought, but unfortunately pest control strategies are never this simple, and devices like these have been found to be making false and unsubstantiated claims in their ability to control pest infestations. Research and studies conducted by academic institutions have shown that using these devices fail to make a noticeable difference in eliminating household pest infestations including rodents and cockroach populations.


Studies from the University of Nebraska found that while cockroaches may initially respond to the device by increased movement, there was no evidence that these devices ‘drove’ pests away. The devices also proved ineffective against rodents, who despite being repelled for a few minutes or at most a few days, quickly resumed their activities seemingly unaffected.

Furthermore between 1985 and 1997 the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States investigated six companies for making false or unsubstantiated claims relating to these devices. Since then, newer but similar devices continue to appear, some marketed online and others through home shopping programmes. All make varying claims or operate with subtle differences in ultrasonic frequencies, however the results of these are still ineffective in making noticeable differences in controlling household pests.

Our advice? Save your money and implement basic tips to control household pests with some of the advice here on our tips and advice page. There are many simple strategies to maintaining a household which will deter pests from making your home theirs too. Sometimes though, pests need to be combatted with professional pest control tactics.

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