Frustrating Summer Pests and how to Combat Them

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Even though you’ve been controlling pests throughout the year, summertime is pest season and there’s a whole swarm of crawling, scuttling and flying creatures that come and say hello in our homes. But as frustrating, aggravating and infuriating as these pests are, a lot of the time they can be easily controlled yourself with a few simple strategies.

Bennetts Pest Control shares our expertise to combat and control these summer pests (which also are often autumn pests) below. 


With heat comes flies. And if you’re not careful with your bins, with flies come maggots. To avoid both, keep bins empty regularly, freeze meat and seafood scraps and put in the bin before bin day to avoid attracting pests. Keep screen doors shut, clean benches and tables regularly. And keep the fly spray at the ready. The good news is that is a few buzzing flies is annoying at worst and something you might not really even notice at best. A longer term strategy against flies is to install fly screens in your home and screen doors shut religiously. This will also help against mosquitoes. 


Rain, storms and humidity during summer can attract mosquitoes. If you live near a creek or canals in Brisbane you might have more of a problem when it comes to mozzies than others. To prevent mosquitoes don’t give them an opportunity to breed anywhere around your home in the first place. This means no birdbaths, or excess water laying in drums or containers. To combat the blood sucking nasties, citronella oil is a well-known solution, as well as insect sprays that contain repellent DEET. If mosquitoes are a particular problem at night (there is nothing worse than the buzz of a mozzie past your ear while snoozing) a mosquito net around the bed can be a better solution than lathering yourself in repellent every night.


 A trail of ants in summer is not uncommon, and while these aren’t the most offensive of pests, they can be annoying especially when they keep returning no matter what you do. Not leaving food out is the obvious first remedy, but if there’s an ants nest somewhere around (or under) your home, you’ll need a more targeted solution. This can be leaving baits out including a gel along window architraves, along door thresholds, along wall skirting and wherever you see the ants. Another ANT-idote is ANT sand which they will lap up and bring back to their buddies.  If you’ve got a severe ant problem that just won’t go away it might be time trenbolone steroids for sale for the team at Bennetts Pest Control to in-pest-igate.

If you’re still struggling over these summertime pests it’s time to give the Bennetts Pest Control a call and implementation of a more targeted pest control solution.

Summertime is prime time for pests so don’t give them a leg to stand on or bench to crawl on and call us today!

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