Pest inspections can save Brisbane homes.

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You work really hard to buy a home so why in the world would you risk it being stolen from you by a pest that stands a couple of millimetres tall? We are referring to termites of course. The cost of pest inspections in Brisbane is so reasonable, especially when you start to consider the cost of not having a regular inspection done.  If you own your home, protect it. If you are looking to buy a home, protect your future. A pre-purchase pest inspection is really important.

What are the benefits of a pest inspection for home buyers in Brisbane?

Serious benefits can come from having a professional inspection carried out. You can find out if there are termites wreaking havoc of course, but it is also useful to know if there have ever been termites in the past as well. If there is evidence of past termite activity, you will most likely  be able to negotiate a much better price. Of course, if the damage is extensive or current, you can run a mile and save yourself serious problems. If the damage is minimal, which it often is; then you will probably have some luck negotiating a treatment plan, to be paid for by the vendor as well. Evidence of termite activity doesn’t mean the house should not be purchased, but it is something that you have the right to be able to consider.

Should the vendor pay for the pest inspection?

They probably should. However if the seller will not pay up for a pest inspection and you are seriously considering the purchase, pay for it yourself. Don’t buy without it.  If you are buying a used car, it seems common sense to have a mechanic look it over doesn’t it? Same goes for a new home, except the stakes are so much higher.

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