Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection Report

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Generally, before buying a home it is important to know exactly what the state of the property is in, to evade any issues and unwanted costs down the road. The best approach is getting a pre-purchase building inspection report. More information regarding building inspections can be found on: fair trading website.

While the building inspection report highlights any cosmetic damage that may have been due to pests, it normally does not report the presence of termites or other pests that might have attacked the wood work. Usually it is recommended to get a building inspection report and a separate pest inspection report before you purchase your home.

What is the purpose of a Pest Inspection?

The primary role of the pest inspection is to identify pests that have the ability to destroy wood. The inspection is conducted in the parameters of the property and where the inspector has access. The areas of accessibility can include:

– Roofing timbers
– Sub-floor
– Wall exterior
– Interior
– Outbuildings (e.g. sheds)
– Garage
– Carport
– Stumps/posts/fences
– Retaining walls

All reports are comprehensive and reveal past and current pest infestations of the house. In addition, shows information to help the buyer understand the kind of damage that has happened. The report makes recommendations on how to minimise the risk of a pest attack. Provide info about the different types pests and the best methods to treat them. Keep in mind that the reports main purpose is to identify pests and can’t stop pests.

Submitting an offer subject to a Pest Report is a normal condition added in the contract by the seller’s broker. Queensland contracts generally have a clause that specifies when the pest inspection should be completed. On the other hand, if the inspection identifies any issues you can:

– Terminate the contract
– Alter the sale price
– Make the vendor fix the problem on a conditional contract

If you eventually are successful in buying your dream home (pest-free), it is advisable to carry out pest inspections on annual basis. By getting a regular inspection it will help protect your sizable investment. The inspection should always be done by a licensed pest inspector.


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