Colder temperatures drive household pests indoors

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Many people incorrectly assume that because the temperatures are dipping in Brisbane that common household pests are inactive over the winter. Because of this they let their guard down when it comes to pest control around their property. While pests including spiders, ants and cockroaches may appear to be less active in winter, it doesn’t mean that they have disappeared. In fact common household pests are actually driven indoors in winter time searching for food and warmth like the rest of us!

Since south east Queensland winters are mild compared to other parts of the country, pests often become active again faster and begin their breeding season earlier than in colder regions. Here at Bennetts Pest Control we recommend maintaining a pest control schedule throughout the winter especially if you’ve previously had problems with pests.

What pests do I need to be most concerned about during winter?

Rats and mice move indoors, cockroaches, spiders and silverfish also will still be attracted to warmer areas of the home. Since pests are looking for food, moisture and warmth, keeping your home clean and free from dampness and moisture continues to be important during wintertime. Rats and mice in the home are of particular concern as they often chew through electrical wiring causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage.

What can I do to stop them making my home theirs too?

Regular housekeeping methods apply including:

• Taking out rubbish daily
• Keeping areas under the fridge and washing machine moisture free
• Storing food in sealed containers
• Keeping pet food bowls outside
• Sealing any gaps and possible entry points to the home where possible
• Keeping floors and surfaces mopped and wiped.
• Arrange a pest inspection from the team at Bennetts Pest Control to assess the defences of your property and use treatment to eliminate pest activity if necessary.

Just because you haven’t seen a cockroach recently doesn’t mean winter is the season to become complacent about pest control. Prevent rodents, roaches and insects making your home theirs too by arranging treatment today with Bennetts Pest Control, the Brisbane pest specialists. Call us on 1300 661 008.

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