Are termites trespassing in your home?

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termite damage
The research shows that as many as one in two homes will suffer from termite damage in some form during its lifetime. Unfortunately many homeowners don’t realise the extent of the damage until the termites have literally eaten away the value of their biggest asset.

Apart from professional inspections once a year to stay on top of any termite activity, there are many things the homeowners can do around the home to prevent termites. The Brisbane pest professionals at Bennetts Pest Control share some termite tips to protect your most valuable asset in our latest post.

– Remove any timber debris from around the perimeter of your home – especially any timber near the foundation of your home.

– Avoid soil and garden beds near the base of your home. These make it much easier for termites to enter the home.

– Store firewood in a container stacked off the ground away from the home. Avoid leaving any unnecessary timber piles or scrap wood in your yard or under your home.

– Termites are attracted to moisture so fix any leaks in the roof of your home and other standing water in and around the home.

– Maintain gutters and downpipes to be clean and free from debris

– Prune vegetation so that it is not in contact with any part of the home itself, in particular vegetation that is touching the roofing eaves.

– Screen any vents in the roof to stop termites accessing the area.

– Avoid using any untreated timber for retaining walls or timber sleepers for garden beds.

– Regularly inspect timber posts, stairs and decking for signs of termite activity and have a professional inspection completed on your home yearly.

Termites wreak havoc on homes and most Australian homes are at risk – even in dense suburban pockets. Our termite inspections and treatments have saved many Brisbane homeowners heartache from significant structural damage and we can protect your home too. Simply call us today and we’ll be able to tailor a solution based on the situation and your requirements.  Phone 1300 661 008 and experience peace of mind that protection brings.

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