Target Termites with Thermal Imaging Technology

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The methods to detect termites in the home just become a lot more sophisticated thanks to thermal imaging technology! Thermal Imaging, which uses infrared capabilities to detect differences in heat energy, is a frequent technique we use here at Bennetts Pest Control when conducting termite inspections in Brisbane. We explain the benefits and how this technology works in our latest blog post.

How does Thermal Imaging Technology work?

Thermal imaging works by detecting differences in patterns of heat energy in the home by using infrared capabilities. Under normal conditions heat is evenly distributed but if there is a location which is warmer than other areas in the home, this abnormality will be shown on the thermal imaging device. Differences in colours shown on the screen represent temperature variations which can indicate the presence of termites. Using a thermal imaging device is effective in pinpointing certain areas for further investigation.

Since termites by their very nature stay hidden in wall cavities and in the structure of the home itself, they can be difficult to visually detect. Termites prefer humid and moist environments and thermal imaging technology can detect temperature variations and locate the site of termite activity quickly and effectively.

What are the benefits of using thermal imaging in an inspection?

Thermal imaging technology is a non-disruptive, non-invasive way to inspect for termite activity around the home. There is no surface damage or mess to areas being inspected and it is perfect to look for signs of termites in places which are difficult to access. We typically use a number of methods when inspecting for termites in the home, but thermal imaging devices are one of our most valuable tools when undertaking a termite inspection.

Since one in three Australian homes on average are affected by termites at some stage, isn’t it time you booked at termite inspection with a company that has the tools to get to the root of the problem? Call Bennetts Pest Control, Brisbane’s established and trusted pest professionals. Phone – 1300 661 008 today.

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