The 3 Biggest Pest Control Mistakes Homeowners Make

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People try all sorts of techniques to tackles their pest problems, each with varying levels of success. But in between all the attempted spotting, swatting, zapping and squashing people make many assumptions, use the wrong techniques or just don’t do enough when tackling their pest woes.

In many cases it’s easy to understand why homeowners continue to make these mistakes, but as the experts in pest control, with the industry’s best practices in our hands, Bennetts Pest Control would like to save you the headaches (and hip pocket pain) to help you avoid the making these biggest pest control mistakes.

1.     Assuming the Big Franchise Companies are the Best

We understand why they might be the first company you call. Surely if they’re bigger they are the best right? Well not always…

Bigger franchises might have the backing of an easily identifiable national brand, but some have (no names mentioned) have higher turnover of pest control technicians and have expanded quickly without the experience of long established operators. Smaller pest controllers mean a smaller team and the same technician who visited last time. This allows a more personalised service, and a better understanding of your needs since they’ve been to your home before. Often smaller players are more dependent on repeat business and determined to go the extra mile for their customers. Something the national or international franchises are less willing or able to do.

2.     Neglecting to Inspect

It might be one of the most common things we ever tell homeowners. Neglect your yearly termite inspection and it could cost you dearly. Despite this advice, so many choose to roll the dice and skip their annual termite inspection. This can be so costly. In just a few months termites and swarm, nest and infiltrate your home silently doing damage and eating away the value of your home.

Don’t let your home become a story of we tell others about what not to do. Yearly termite inspections are extremely affordable and can save you thousands in the long run.

3.      Trying to do it all themselves

There are a surprising number of people who have never used a professional pest control solution.

Why would we pay for pesticides when we can just buy over the counter products and do it ourselves,” they reason.

The irony with this rationalism is that these people end up spending just as much, sometimes more, on over the counter sprays and bug bombs, ant sands and baits which just don’t provide the same results.  By the time they get someone in to help, the infestation has spread, and can be more challenging (and costly) to combat.

Over the counter products are designed to kills pests on contact, but don’t provide a barrier against new populations. The people that experiment with all the different over the counter products and attempt to DIY all their pest control without ever having used the services of a professional often don’t know what they are missing.

The only thing you will miss after a professional pest control treatment is cockroaches, spiders, fleas, ants and rodents in your home. And we’re guessing you won’t really miss them. You’ll probably be celebrating their good riddance!

So before you assume, neglect and try to DIY, give Bennetts Pest Control a call  on 1300 661 008 and spare yourself the pain of making these common and often costly pest control mistakes.

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