Common Household Pests To Look Out For This Summer

Hot days and balmy nights are what summer in Brisbane is all about. Hot weather also brings an influx of common household pests. We’re going to tell you what to look out for, and what to do about your pest control this summer.

Why Pest Inspections Are Essential for Termite Control?

Termites are possibly one of the greatest risks to homes across Brisbane and even Queensland as a whole. Each year, termites are responsible for millions of dollars worth of damage to homes and properties across Queensland and homeowners are often left out of pocket as a result. It is a common misconception that termites can […]

Pest Inspection vs Pest Control

Whether you’re buying a new home or simply worried about the one you’re in, it can be confusing to understand the terminology around pest control. Pest inspections are not the same as pest control but they both go hand in hand to create the perfect pest protection solution for your home or office! Both are […]

Termite Control: Why Prevention is the Best Cure

Termites are an extreme threat to the structure and foundation of your home. Watching for and inspecting your home for termites is important so you can treat termites immediately in order to avoid incurring any of the damage and loss of value these pests can inflict on your house. Of course, never seeing these pesky […]

Treating Termites – What Are My Options?

Termites are a prevalent threat to houses and, if left untreated or unmanaged, can cause catastrophic damage to your home. Homeowners – particularly those with timber houses or foundations – ought to be familiar with the many ways of treating termites and, just as importantly, how to recognise when termites are present. Failing to do […]

Rats Drinking Your Pool Water? Here’s How to Stop Them!

How do you feel when someone mentions rats? Dirty? Jittery? Completely grossed out? What if someone told you that rats were drinking their pool water? What if YOU have a pool and then noticed rats drinking out of yours too!? Wild rats are pretty disgusting in general, so a rat drinking out of your pool […]

How to Get Rid of Rats and Mice from the Home

Rats and mice are on the move in the cooler months, and often take up refuge our homes, most often in the roof and between walls. There’s nothing pleasant about discovering these in your home, and since rats and mice can successfully co-habit with humans finding out that they are living under the same roof […]