Common Household Pests To Look Out For This Summer

Hot days and balmy nights are what summer in Brisbane is all about. Hot weather also brings an influx of common household pests. We’re going to tell you what to look out for, and what to do about your pest control this summer.

Rats Drinking Your Pool Water? Here’s How to Stop Them!

How do you feel when someone mentions rats? Dirty? Jittery? Completely grossed out? What if someone told you that rats were drinking their pool water? What if YOU have a pool and then noticed rats drinking out of yours too!? Wild rats are pretty disgusting in general, so a rat drinking out of your pool […]

Pest Inspection Guide for Home Buyers

Real estate is one of the biggest investments that the average Australian will ever make, so it’s important that buyers find out as much about a property as they can before they make a commitment. There are many faults and problems with houses that can be invisible to the naked eye. One of these is […]

5 Organic Pest Control Tactics to Trial in 2015

Getting rid of creepy crawlies is our business – there’s nothing we love more than ridding great family homes like yours of unwelcome pests. If you’re between treatments and worried about run-of-the-mill chemicals and sprays found on shop shelves these days, think about trialling these natural deterrents. Note, these tactics won’t eliminate already existing infestations, […]

Pest Proof Your Home This Summer

The holiday period is just around the corner and you’re probably planning a well-deserved getaway. The household chores and checks can be left until later, when you’re not over worked and exhausted, maybe when your kids are old enough to help. Or when you have kids. Or a neighbourhood teen volunteers. Sadly, it is down […]

5 Warning Signs You Have a Termite Problem

Termites. The very word inspires a degree of trepidation in any home owner or soon to be home owner, as their crawling little bodies regularly wreak havoc on many Queensland homes. More than just a “bug problem” a termite infestation can drive down the value of your home, cause expensive damage and render your foundations […]

Do you need a pest control expert? – Questions to Ask

If you own your own property, whether it is a home or business, you will need to consider pest control. Pests can cause serious damage to your building, be unhealthy for the people living or working in it, and cause noise and discomfort for anyone who is nearby. Even if you do not currently have […]

The 3 Biggest Pest Control Mistakes Homeowners Make

People try all sorts of techniques to tackles their pest problems, each with varying levels of success. But in between all the attempted spotting, swatting, zapping and squashing people make many assumptions, use the wrong techniques or just don’t do enough when tackling their pest woes. In many cases it’s easy to understand why homeowners […]